Beneficial Ownership Information Report (BOIR) Filing

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Required Information

  • Reporting Company
  • Full Legal Business Name
  • All trade names/fictitious names/doing business as names
  • Principal Business Address (address must be in the U.S.)
  • State, Tribal, or foreign jurisdiction of formation
  • Foreign company only: State or Tribal jurisdiction of first registration
  • FEIN (or SSN/ITIN/foreign jurisdiction tax identification number)
  • Each Beneficial Owner and Company Applicant*
  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Current residential address (can be outside the U.S.)
    "Report the individual’s residential street address, except for company applicants who form or register a company in the course of their business, such as paralegals. For such individuals, report the business street address. The address is not required to be in the United States." - FinCEN Small Entity Compliance Guide
  • Unique identifying number, issuing jurisdiction, and image of, one of the following non-expired documents:
    • U.S. passport
    • State driver’s license
    • Identification document issued by a state, local government, or tribe
    • If an individual does not have any of the previous documents, foreign passport
  • *Alternate Option: Each individual "Beneficial Owner and Company Applicant" may apply for a FinCEN identification number and provide our office with the individual's FinCEN ID in lieu of completing this section of our application.
  • Company Applicants must be provided for companies formed on or after January 1, 2024 that are required to file the BOIR. Up to two Company Applicants may be listed.
    Beneficial Owners must be provided for all companies required to file the BOIR.

When is the Beneficial Ownership Information Report Due?

When do I need to report my company’s beneficial ownership information to FinCEN?

A reporting company created or registered to do business before January 1, 2024, will have until January 1, 2025 to file its initial beneficial ownership information report.

A reporting company created or registered on or after January 1, 2024, and before January 1, 2025, will have 90 calendar days after receiving notice of the company’s creation or registration to file its initial BOI report. This 90-calendar day deadline runs from the time the company receives actual notice that its creation or registration is effective, or after a secretary of state or similar office first provides public notice of its creation or registration, whichever is earlier.

Reporting companies created or registered on or after January 1, 2025, will have 30 calendar days from actual or public notice that the company’s creation or registration is effective to file their initial BOI reports with FinCEN.

Is there a requirement to annually report beneficial ownership information?

No. There is no annual reporting requirement. Reporting companies must file an initial BOI report and updated or corrected BOI reports as needed.

FinCEN’s Small Entity Compliance Guide includes more information about when to file initial BOI reports in Chapter 5.1, “When should my company file its initial BOI report?” and when to file updated and corrected BOI reports in Chapter 6, “What if there are changes to or inaccuracies in reported information?”

How to File the Beneficial Ownership Information Report

The Beneficial Ownership Information Report may be filed online directly with FinCEN or through our office.

FinCEN does not charge a fee for filing the Beneficial Ownership Information Report. If you would like M. BURR KEIM COMPANY to file this report, our service fee is $95.00.

Some companies may be exempt from the BOIR filing requirement.

For more information, please see FinCEN's Frequently Asked Questions and Small Entity Compliance Guide.